Americas Cheapest Family...

Publisert 13. feb.. 2021
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  • 7:09 let me guess... *he* “ *made* “ *the* *bottle*


  • this is clearly fake or at least some of it. but hey, it makes me laugh XD make more please

  • (pays 20$ for carpet) pewds" you saved 1,800" bruh they said 2,000 thats just big brain

  • 14:35 Felix. The carpet. It hurts. 😥

  • 5:43 i like how thats literally not a wrench in any way. Its a pair of vice grips

  • It’s crazy that he had enough to get a tattoo on his leg you can see at 15:14 but doesn’t want to buy something he needs like the carpet or the removal for the fence

  • chickens don't lay eggs in the winter but you have to keep feeding them. It actually might be more expensive

  • Pewds Volume: loud Video Volume: whisper

  • What they doing now!?

  • You can't change parts of carpet without it being extremely obvious. Carpet basically has a grain to it similar to wood so it would stand out. Let alone color matching worn carpet with brand new carpet.

  • 4000$ carpet or clean the old carpet? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • 1. 1 years worth of doing construction is 30k a year, they've saved 30k in 10 years 2. Goodwill has furniture in a 50-100$ price range 3. Water bill barely changes based on the amount of water used, more needing to worry about rent itself 1200$ a month averagely

  • Why people can afford expensive property but can't afford everyday needs

  • that is just a shitty way to offence to them but its like they are beggars with money.

  • The caring girl comparatively describe because college structurally mourn opposite a tedious quill. subsequent, hard zipper

  • Im more concerned about the kids....anyone agrees?

  • what is wrong with pewds

  • how does people find people like them when they are like that

  • >end loaf

  • The second you are harming other such as your CHILDREN with your actions!! You know you are taking it to far.

  • these children need to be taken away

  • But how much money will you save when you get AIDS from that water and have to go to the hospital?

  • They could just take all the furniture out, shampoo the carpets, and just make sure to fix what’s broken. Nothing too extravagant to get a house sold.

  • Their neighbor let them borrow their furniture to try and help them sell the house. I'm sure your property value goes up when you're neighbors aren't washing dishes in kiddie pool of bathwater..

  • I love how replacing carpet sections is most definitely a thing but the carpet dude was just trynna get them to buy a carpet

  • The intro through

  • Bro i use the all the role

  • I cant with the new haikyuu intro 😂😂🖐

  • no, im americas cheapest family.

  • What the fuck are they saving for exactly?

  • It's fake... they decorated the house with things, but unable to wash dishes in the house? Just so many weird things going on with this... it doesn't make sense

  • 2:57 the intro ends thought that might help yall out a bit 👍🏼

  • Is there a specific number of toilet paper for you other family

  • Steal your wife toilet paper to make her buy more

  • The first family is faking being cheap there rich I mean have you seen the house and if their cheap how can they afford a new house.


  • Wow I bet he just fixed the house

  • ديم

  • That intro tho..

  • The pan with hot oil brought to the table held with grips 😂

  • Who is watching this video on 2x speed

  • so youre telling me she couldnt buy a 50 dollar couch off facebook marketplace to fill that ugly ass room

  • Yes

  • how do they have people over?????

  • so you get furniture with your houses in america?

  • I love Pewds but this is too hard to watch. No idea why it bothers me. 13 minutes I gotta tap out. Sorry

  • we got a large new sectional for $400 cause the ottoman that was included was asymmetrical, these people need to get out of their head

  • not them washing dishes in their kids dirty ass body water 😀😀✋🏼✋🏼

  • My brother himself got a make a wish...

  • I fucking died when i saw the "shower head", holy shit!

  • I gave you a like for the intro. Cuz that was bomb af 👏

  • Is he always sick ?

  • Like for the vinyl floor

  • This lady needs to buy a buday and steal tp from their job

  • Epic intro

  • Saving money isn’t bad, but going too far and trying to save money on everything is just- 👎

  • not duck tape FLEX TAPE

  • Why didn’t they just spend $20 to get a carpet stain remover

  • Are these videos fake or real?

  • Patch sections of the carpet? Who raised you?

  • As soon as those kids realize what there parents are doing isn’t very, safe. And they don’t change, there kids will probably end up cutting some part of them out of there life.

  • I'm dead calling vice grips a wrench LMAO

  • awh poor family got roasted, but atleast they got their yee yee ass haircuted

  • dude I litteraly survive on 50 buck per month. But my apartment is clean and minimalistic

  • Life hacks:

  • "With the goats we'll be able to say $12 EVERY DAY!" Bitch, how much milk are you drinking??

  • Did they count in what they could have earned in these 10 years if they spent all the time they lost to their "cheap lifestyle", like stuff being harder to operate or time thinking on how to save money with just working? Creating a home and work environment where you can be effiicient and saving money on the important things saves you the big buck, not wasting 10 minutes doing the dishes in a baby pool saving a cent a day. Well... if they have fun with it, you do you. But don't involve your children in that unhealthy lifestyle.

  • 4 sheets of toilet paper it's a crime

  • I can't believe its real its gotta be staged

  • It’s not even a wrench she’s using for the pan handle, it’s a vise grip

  • 5:52 its not a wrench its a set of vice grips

  • As an asian, they didn't surprise me at all.

  • pewds needs to turn the volume up

  • Not to defend the cheapskates but patching up carpet is pretty common

  • I just want the hat

  • These "hacks" they used are pretty common in SC, just from people who do it out of necessity.

  • what they didnt wash the rag with the pool water how wasteful

  • Hes like the flex tape guy am i right

  • Its almost impossible to match the dyes on carpets... the end of one roll is usually a slightly different colour to the start of the roll, let alone carpets laid years apart... my carpet salesman job I had years ago is finally coming in handy 🤣🤣

  • I kind of think this is fake the family are actors.

  • all that money she’s saving seems to be going towards a gym membership 👀👀 lady is swol

  • Remember the time there were no sponsors

  • ok this is not cheap is R rated people with a lot of mental problems

  • 1 piece of bacon each

  • there's a difference in being cheap and just being so stupid and lacking in basic saving skills that you literally deprive your children the furniture, the food, and the safety that they deserve. I mean, their house alone is better than most people, especially in 3rd world countries, can afford and they can't even buy real furniture atleast for their children

  • they could have just called pros to clean the carpet...??

  • I'm all about saving a buck, upcycling furniture, growing your own veg, buying second hand clothes/accessories/games/toys, book swaps etc but not this shiet🤢

  • She looks so pale, malnutrition

  • Yo her biceps is more muscular than me tho

  • Bro that ain’t a living room, that’s a surviving room

  • Literally what Romanian grandmas used to do during communism when they did NOT have acces to many things

  • pewds batla op

  • She could even lend her face to wipe...🤣

  • Into fab

  • Yooo there’s a bit and pan set that has a detachable handle like, for easy storage ...I wonder if they got the idea from here

  • Video starts at 2:58

  • 13:49 this is 100% Carrollton, TX

  • Do they not understand thrifting though?? You don't have to buy stuff new XD I thrift a lot of my stuff. My furniture is definitely from thrift stores and FB marketplace bc I'm a broke bitch LMAO

  • The simplistic alarm notablely permit because couch suddenly hunt out a complex tablecloth. oval, rainy cardigan