Kids Decide Who Gets $1000 Is Very Cringe...

Publisert 18. feb.. 2021
Full video
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  • To be honest this is the funniest video i have ever watched

  • I had a car in middle school

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  • if i were to win that $1000 i would bet that the marine girl smelt like ketchup as a kid

  • I’ll probably let them have the money. Just there for screen time

  • Pff i had to walk 30min to school..I could take a bus but it was too early for me so i just put some headphones on and walked to school.

  • felix and ken are really funny together

  • They say it’s 1000 to 1 odds but it’s not it’s actually 1000 to 142.8571

  • I feel kinda bad for Kalid. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

  • I would just say donate to charity and thats it what would a kid wan't with 1k. Grow up finish school work then work and then you will have your money.

  • “Nina .... nina... *NINAAA* “

  • theyre funny. do they have more videos together?

  • U know what ken THAT'S WHERE I LIVE BRUH

  • CAR INSURANCE?? The fawk

  • Radom person: my grandmother died so it would be nice If I could get this Louis Vuitton Everyone: in the group you get it Me: what why he is wearing $750 shoes and $315 belt buckle not even the belt

  • Nah this is staged, no way those kids went dripped out willingly to beg other kids for $1000

  • The video comments are OFF LOOOOOOOL

  • YOOOOOOOOOOOO those kids shoulda just jumped that asian boy stripped him and took his shit cause that homie's swag is borderline like another 1500$

  • That where I live

  • 14:33 had me weak😂

  • hey

  • I ride my bike to school every day for 12 km (7,45 miles) and all the way back. Where i live it's kind of weird if you don't cycle somewhere

  • Yaaaa yaaaaa , wtf

  • 1:30 i feel attacked 😂😭

  • Who’s here after the random strangers and sad that those adults were some of the most unlikable people ever

  • I'm pretty sure they intentionally chose well-off kids. None of them needed the money more than the others.

  • The octopus girl definitely grows up to the vegan girl in the jubilee

  • nina. NiNa.NINA

  • Wait a second... did ken say public transportation didnt reach him in school.... but then make fun of the girl who said the same thing? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Ken trying to catch a case 😂

  • The first kid says he’s in full IB. IB isn’t college but you can get college credit if you score high enough on the tests. They are rigorous highschool classes similar to AP. He’s probably doing the IB diploma which requires you take a total of 6 different IB courses. Each test (which you are required to take if you take the class) is 120$ so it adds up lol. I’m in 4 😭😭

  • These videos infuriate me so much I wish one of the people in them turned it into a live leak video.

  • That buddist girl is so hurt lmfao

  • 29:29 me living in Kansas 😢

  • They all could of just split the money and get like 150 each.


  • they're in hs they want to be happy for other people but really want the money to themselves

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  • dude ken is too much of an old head hes just shitting on the high schoolers for every little thing they do lol

  • For me, we don’t have high school buses sophomore through senior year

  • Bro you can’t buy a car with 1000

  • Yes We just watch 2 grown men make fun of children

  • Fish girl is looking unrealistic in a beautiful way


  • Felix:I need a thousand dollars Everyone:cough Cough COUGH COUGH!

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  • 21:12 look its sapnap


  • i literally cant understand anything anyone is saying in this video

  • 29:34 That’s where I live bruh

  • Now I’m assuming these kids are American and I am Canadian but in ib you don’t pay for every test u take. U don’t pay anything

  • Marine girl makes me despise the video

  • The contrast between your vid and Cody Ko is great. You’re over just pointing out the dude dripping in designer shit a few mins in 😂

  • They think high school is bad. What world they living in

  • Im a budist I do this 15 Times a day No its not fair

  • *insert amogus reference*

  • God I hate the fish girl’s face

  • At some point people aren't complaining about boomers anymore they are just hating on adults.

  • I kinda agree with ken. I had a friend like Nina, very manipulative, who got me a bunch of gifts and made me feel like I was indebted to her, and then she told me to tell her everything and I did because she acted really nice. Then she used those secrets against me when I tried to stop being her friend.

  • This would be sooooo much more interesting if the people who got kicked out decide who wins.

  • i definitely think all the kids they featured were all privileged, none of them deserved it except probably the girl that has a job

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  • brats

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  • I am a highschooler and walk an hour. Its rlly not that bad lmao pewds is just born in europe where you can walk across the continent in five minutes

  • i’m literally in the same position as the girl who won lol and i’m still not tripping

  • These people don't represent my generation

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  • I haven't even finished the vid, but I pray to God the kid with the 315 Brit pound ($438 USD) belt, and the 750 Brit pound (>$1000 USD) shoes loses.

  • Do you ever just wanna 🤜 🧒?

  • None of them need the money, They live in or near LA which means they’re probably already spoiled(look at their clothes) do something worthwhile jubilee and donate it but have them argue which foundation gets it.

  • I like having a special guest on this maybe jacksepticeye would be funny

  • Dude i had to ride my bike to school for like 6 months and that was 40 minutes

  • I really like the advice you gave, men need more chivalry these days for real

  • Watched the adult one before this. These kids are so much more mature

  • 7:53 did he said the n word

  • gotdammit I've ended up watching this video 4th time

  • Lowkey kinda feel bad for the fish girl, the whole internet knows who she is💀

  • The old and greatest duo from 2014, I missed you both so much :)

  • Raffle lol

  • 10:35 the girl with the overalls is tripping on something😂

  • Americans don't know geography Me: *laughs in American*

  • “There’s no public transportation” I have to bike 1 hour.......

  • Why is the black dude sitting away from everyone?

  • Pls supcripe me

  • 30:55 whatsapp msg?

  • 1:54 "we're all transvestites"

  • Did ken just say little girls are attractive?...........that’s kinda sus dood

  • My bus ride to school used to take nearly an hour and a half, it was painful. Still have nightmares from the screaming children in that overheated bus. And yes being the last one to get off and the first one to get on, I know a LOT of secrets and things that happened on that bus...could probably even get a few staff fired...

  • When you get $1000 to buy a car at 16😭 where did they get these rich pampered people from lmao

  • Me who lives in England where there's no school buses and it's completely normal to walk or cycle for 40 minutes to school lol

  • If she is a buddist then i m jesus christ

  • Me walking 5 miles everyday in lockdown like it's nothing confused as to why she doesn't just walk it😂

  • 9:33 kid is crying because her bus doesn't go past her house. Lazy

  • That girly that got knocked out 1 is definitely gonna be a Karen when older

  • The marine biologist was a Karen in her early development

  • I just want those highschoolers to see this video

  • Marine girl lowkey gives me young karen vibes

  • Price of Second Hand bicycle Was 69.99 and Felix didn't notice Me- *losing my shit*